+Teen SOYO Programs+

Special Olympics:

Established in 1979, Special Olympics is a week long sports training summer camp for athletes who have special needs. Teen SOYO members volunteer to be counselors. Every teen who has participated as a Special Olympics counselor has had a life changing experience. If any teens are interested in volunteering to be a Special Olympics counselor they must apply.

Please find the 2018 application here. *Due on April 1st*

Teen Soyo Special Olympics

Youth Month:

The whole month of October is Youth Month. The teens read the epistles, take the collections, are ushers, sing in the choir, and chant.

SOYO Month of Service:

The whole month of March, each teen SOYO chapter throughout the Archdiocese chooses one or more days within the month to organize service projects to better the community.

The Good Samaritan Project:

The Good Samaritan Project was designed for the teens to encourage others from their parish to join them in serving those in need. 

Orthodox Christian Coalition For Healthy Youth (OCCHY):

Teens SOYO works with OCCHY which is an organization that leads substance abuse prevention and interventions. For more information visit the OCCHY website.

Great Friday Vigil:

Teens across the Archdiocese gather in their parishes to read the Scriptures while standing over the tomb of Christ. 

Youth Equipped to Serve Y.E.S:

The Y.E.S program of Focus North America gives opportunities to SOYO teens to serve the needy neighbors of the community for weekends throughout the year. For more information visit the Focus North America Website.